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Who is Ramona? 

Loves succulents, Fujifilm shooter, travel lover

I am a photographer based in Essen - North Rhine-Westphalia and am originally from the Rhineland.

I am an unromantic person, rose blossoms lying on the bed or watching the sunset melting together - NÄ thank you!

But just because I don't love romance doesn't mean I'm not passionate about taking pictures of love between two people - pretty controversial, huh?


I' m married since October 2017 - autumn is my time of year.

People full of humor & a touch of sarcasm I welcome into my life with open arms - you just can't take life too seriously.

I love wildflowers around our garden that support our Bees and birds as much as I love the evening sun breaking through the trees and letting all the little insects dance in its light. In addition, I'm a big fan of natural gardens.

More facts about me:

I don't eat sausage ends, my hubby gets them.

Succulents are my favorite passion - this diversity and colors are spread all over our apartment.

I am a weight lifter and was a performance swimmer for many years.

During winter I like to walk barefoot in our apartment, my husband gets the cold feet on his laps - the cold reaction is quite priceless.

I love rain.

Onions are my basic food, especially on Mettbroetchen.

Animal well-being is more important than my own - just ask my bunnies in the garden. The first thing I do when I see a frog on the street is take a selfie and support a safe journey.

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In our living room we have a  moos green couch, rose walls and carpets - though rose was my husband's idea. You might think that adults live here.

I love to observe the candy bar at weddings, or even better the wedding cake - for that I like to stand in line and snack a piece.

I am a very frank and open person, I like to meet people and I am enviously happy about your happiness.

I always keep a glass "half-empty. My glasses slurp themselves but also very quickly empty.


More than 100 couples I was privileged to guide in the last few years. I am a very experienced photographer and have seen AND photographed already quite a few things.

As a wedding photographer, wedding photography is for me the most emotional and most honest photography that I am allowed to participate in!

It is just an amazing feeling to capture the feelings and emotions of those I may join on their big day, even I as an absolute lover of romance shed a tear behind my camera every now and then - fortunately no one sees and I'm simply happy for you.


I am as a Photographer in the area of Essen, Ruhr Area - NRW - Germany-wide and even internationally for you in action.

I look forward to getting to know you and your story -

see you soon!

genen Text hinzuzufügen und mich zu bearbeiten.

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